Contractor Client Advocate: Contractor Overseer for Additions, Remodeling and Purchasing

If you're planning an addition or a major remodeling effort, you know how many details there are to consider, and how many workmen are involved. It's difficult to know if everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, not to mention whether you and the contractors you've hired are approaching the project in the most economical and sensible way.

Contractor Overseer for Additions and Remodeling, Purchasing

An experienced home inspector like Tom Morgan can act as an on-site overseer to make sure your new addition meets or exceeds the local building code specifications, that your building crew has the necessary permits and that they are using the most economical and efficient way to complete the project on time and on budget.

Tom frequently acts as Clerk of the Works (CoW) on house construction and remodeling projects. In this function, he works for the architect and/or the homeowner as an unbiased overseer to make sure that the entire construction team is following the blueprints, is acting on the homeowners wishes and is following standard code and building standards. Having an impartial CoW onsite helps to keep a large building project on schedule and on budget.

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