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Home inspections are most commonly associated with buying and selling a residential property. However, home inspections can be useful in a variety of other situations. In addition to giving potential home buyers an accurate assessment of a property and to giving home sellers an idea of what issues should be fixed before listing, a qualified, experienced home inspector can help homeowners to evaluate what’s needed for a major remodeling effort or addition. He can also be useful to property owners looking to plan preventative maintenance.

It helps to have an impartial and knowledgeable opinion when it comes to complicated issues of construction and property condition. A home inspector can help clarify these issues and make them so you and all the parties involved in the transaction can understand them.


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Kitchen Appliances | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI

Built-In Kitchen Appliances

If your home or prospective home has permanently installed appliances, it’s important to have them checked. Your appliances need to function and should be in good condition to avoid safety risks or unexpected replacement costs.

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Electrical system (Electrical Meters outside house) | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI

Electrical System

Your home’s electrical system runs behind the scene and you rarely think about it or its current condition. Improper installation and maintenance can lead to dangerous electrical problems. Sound Home Inspection will thoroughly examine your electrical system to ensure everything meets legal safety standards.

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Exterior Property Trim (Victorian House Exterior) | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI


As the first line of defense against external elements and severe weather conditions, the exterior components of your home should be in great condition at all times. Sound Home Inspection reviews every aspect of your home’s exterior, from the roof down to surface drainage.

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Garage | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI


The garage is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when people think about home inspections. But many safety issues are inherent in a garage. Sound Home is dedicated to performing a thorough garage inspection and providing high-quality results.

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Heating and Air Conditioning (thermostat) | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI

Heating/ Central Air Conditioning

Our certified HVAC inspector at Sound Home Inspection offers timely and quality inspections to check if the unit in your home or potential home is safe, secure, and in quality operating condition. Our HVAC inspection is more comprehensive that a checkup by a repairman.

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Insulation & Ventilation | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI

Insulation and Ventilation

Poor insulation and poor ventilation can result in excessive utility costs, mold growth, and a general lack of comfort to the homeowner. Tom Morgan, the home inspector at Sound Home Inspection will determine the type and condition of insulation components and ventilation systems.

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Interior Home Inspections (house interior) | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI


While a home’s cosmetic condition is certainly important, some hidden construction or remodeling errors can be inconvenient and dangerous. Sound Home Inspection goes beyond the aesthetic part. We’ll carefully examine every aspect of your home’s interior to check for possible deficiencies.

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Plumbing (high end bathroom) | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI

Plumbing System

All parts of a home’s plumbing system must be in working order for reliability, safety, and the structural integrity of the home. A home inspection by Tom Morgan can help reveal plumbing problems or the presence of lead in your system.

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House featuring the roofing


A bad roof can allow moisture to find its way into your home and cause extensive and costly damage. Sound Home Inspection specializes in providing the absolute best roof inspections in New England. We know how a well-built and maintained roof should look and operate.

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Structural Components (House Scene) | Sound Home Inspection | CT & RI

Structural Components

The structural building components of any home make its backbone. Any weak point in one of those components can cause damage and compromise your structural integrity. Come along with us on the structural inspection of your home for peace of mind.

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