Wall Cladding, Flashing and Trim

Wall cladding refers to a variety of decorative coverings, typically used on the exterior on buildings. These include faux brick or stone facades as well as metal sheeting. Wall cladding is generally not structural. Wall cladding could be made of vinyl siding, wooden shingles, wooden clapboards or masonary brick.

Exterior Wall Cladding, Flashing and Trim

While wall cladding can give a home a unique look and update an existing home without tearing down walls, wall cladding presents some unique challenges. Some types of wall cladding, such as faux brick and masonry, are porous and can allow water to seep into the wooden frame behind the cladding. Similar to siding, the seams where the cladding meets the rest of the house need to be securely sealed (caulked) so that moisture doesn't enter the walls.

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