Heating/Central Air Conditioning

Your heating and cooling systems include your furnace, heat pump, radiators, air conditioning unit, boiler and the duct work that allows heated or cooled air to travel from the central unit to your living spaces. Furnaces are generally located in the basement or a utility room. Air conditioning units are generally placed outside on the side or rear of the home.

Home Inspection Heating/Central Air Conditioning

There's a lot for a home inspector to check out in your heating and cooling systems. Having these units in good working order is necessary for your home staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, a furnace or boiler that needs cleaning can cost you unnecessary energy dollars, and an improperly vented furnace or boiler can be a health and fire hazard.

Tom Morgan recently became a certified HVAC inspector at ASHI's annual InspectionWorld conference. Read the press release here.

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