Built-In Kitchen Appliances

Built-in appliances include those kitchen appliances that are incorporated into your cabinet design as opposed to those that are free-standing. Common built-in appliances include wall ovens, cook-top ranges and dishwashers. Such appliances can be hard-wired into your electrical system or plugged into an outlet beneath the counter.

Home Inspection Built-In Kitchen Appliances

The combination of water and electricity in the kitchen needs to be dealt with carefully. Because of this, kitchen appliances should have GFCI outlets. If your dishwasher is built-in, it needs to be connected securely to the water supply. If not, it could cause water to leak beneath the cabinets, rotting the floor boards. In addition, many appliances, like stoves, require a higher-voltage, dedicated outlet as opposed to a standard wall outlet. You also don't want too many appliances on the same electrical circuit, both for convenience and safety.

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