Plumbing System

A house's plumbing system includes all of the materials that connect the sinks, toilets, bathtub/showers, water heater and other water units to the outdoor sewer system. These include pipes, drains and valves. Plumbing in houses is generally made of copper, brass or PVC (plastic).

Plumbing Drain, Waste and Vent Systems

Making sure the home's plumbing system is sound is important to making sure there are no water leaks. Even a small drip under a sink can lead to rotting floor boards, mold and mildew. A home inspector will make sure that the main water shut-off valve is in good working order, that all pipes are connected properly and in good shape, and that pipes in unheated areas are insulated properly. If the house was built earlier than 1986, he will also check for the presence of lead pipes.

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