An attic, which is primarily a North American term, refers to the space between the ceiling of the top floor of a house and the rafters that support the roof. Most attics are unfinished spaces, either unused or used mostly for storage. Some attics are finished into bedrooms or studios. Such rooms are notable for their slanted ceilings.


During a home inspection, the inspector will look to see that the attic space is sufficiently insulated. Without adequate insulation, heat from the lower floors can escape, wasting energy and escalating utility bills. Pipes and ducts in the unheated attic also need to be properly insulated to prevent burst pipes and lost heat. Attics should be vented, usually with side gable vents, so that condensation from the forced air heat doesn't collect and cause water damage. Attic vents also prevent the summer temperature in the attic from soaring, making it more expensive to cool your living areas.

For finished attic spaces, the inspector will check the windows, fixtures, wiring, insulation and doors, just as he would a room on the lower floors.

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