An elbow is a pipe fitting that allows two straight pipes to be connected. Elbows are usually made in 45 and 90 degree angles, but occasionally you'll see other angles. Elbows are the pipes that you find under sinks and behind toilets. These pipe fittings are also used in the pipes that carry combustion gases from your furnace or wood stove to the exterior of the house. Elbows are most commonly made of copper, brass, stainless steel and plastic (PVC).

Roof Elbows

Elbows are an important part of your home's plumbing system and furnace ventilation system. As with any plumbing junction, these need to be properly assembled with an appropriate gasket and valve, if necessary, to prevent leakage. Water seeping out via the elbow can cause damage beneath your cabinets and in the floor boards. An elbow that leaks on your furnace ventilation system could cause dangerous combustion gases, like carbon monoxide, to enter your living space.

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