Number of Layers of Shingles

Shingles, most often made of asphalt, but sometimes made of wood, slate, fiberglass or metal, are the top layer of your home's roofing system. Additional layers of shingles can be added for repairs and/or when a new roof is added. Some houses will have two layers of shingles on a roof.

Number of Layers of Shingles

Adding new shingles atop the old shingles is not always the best solution. Putting new shingles over old can be unsightly if not done correctly. Such a roofing job can also make a leaking roof worse by hiding the original problem.

In addition to checking that there are an appropriate number of shingles on a house, a home inspector will also look to make sure that the second (or third) layer of shingles is not just exacerbating an existing roof problem, such as a leaking roof, a roof with insufficient flashing or poor drainage.

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