Roofing is the collection of materials that cover the top of your dwelling. Roofing materials include a variety of products. The most visible of these are shingles, but roofing materials also include flashing, the thin metal pieces that keep moisture from seeping in along the edges of chimneys or furnace vents, fasteners and adhesives. Less common are green roofs, those made from sod or plant material, slate roofs, flat roofs and metal roofs. All of these require different installation techniques. Installed properly, a roof can last for more than a decade.

Home Inspection Roofing

Roofing makes up the barrier between your living space and the rain, ice, sleet and snow, not to mention adding an insulating layer against the heat. In addition to keeping your living spaces dry, a solid, impenetrable roof is important to keeping mold and mildew out of your attic and walls. An improperly-installed roof can also exacerbate winter ice dams and cause the water that accumulates because of them to enter your building.

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