Windows (Skylights)

Skylights are windows set in the roof that allow light into rooms with inadequate or absent wall windows. Many skylights are placed on the slope of the roof, but you will also find them installed in flat roofs. Skylights are usually rectangular, but can be found in a variety of shapes. Some models open; others are fixed. Skylights are popular additions to attic bedrooms, artist workrooms and kitchens.


Skylights add light to otherwise dark and dingy spaces. They also add architectural detail and interest. For spaces where privacy is an issue, such as a bathroom or bedroom, skylights add light without the danger of prying eyes.

Since the roof line needs to be cut in order to install skylights, an improper installation job can lead to water leaking around the edges of the window. For a skylight to be secure and leak-free, it needs to have flashing installed and be properly sealed around the edges. Whether this has been done is not always visible to the casual observer.

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